A free 90 minute Teleseminar with Joey Walters

Awakening the Heart of Feminine Leadership

Discover the 8 'Essential Doorways' to your authentic power, purpose and potential as a woman and access your feminine wisdom to make the difference you were born to make. Replay now being shared!

Are you being and expressing the real you in your life and fulfilling your true purpose and creative potential as a feminine leader and change agent?

Do you feel called to make a bigger contribution to life and yet reluctant to step out visibly and authentically as a leader of something you feel passionate about creating or changing in the world?

Are you turned off by the more ‘masculine’ models of what it means to be a leader in the world and yearning to find a more authentic, feminine way to lead your life and work that nourishes your soul and allows you to flourish?

Do you struggle to find your calm, stable centre amidst the demands of multiple life roles and want more nurturing, reflective space to catalyse well-being and transformation in your life?

If you’re feeling ready to lead your life and work with passion, deep confidence and feminine wisdom then please join me for this FREE teleseminar.

In this 90 minute free call, you’ll discover:

  • Why feminine leadership is needed in the world and how you can more easily embrace it even if you struggle to identify with being a leader
  • The 8 essential doorways to your inner wisdom, that enable you to bring your true gifts to life
  • The single most challenging (and hidden) obstacle we face as leaders on the pathway to living our dreams and how to overcome it
  • Essential practices you can take on now to help you get and stay on track as a feminine leader
  • How you can be guided and supported on a longer personal quest to access and strengthen your authentic power and make a bigger difference by embracing and leading from your feminine wisdom (beginning January 2013)

I’m really thrilled to introduce you to this new framework of teachings, the source of which is rooted in timeless and powerful ‘wisdom teachings’ originating in Mayan Culture.  Guided by my personal journey of growth and transformation in my own life as well as my experience coaching hundreds of other women leaders, I was inspired to create a unique expression of these teachings as a contemporary design of ‘modern medicine’ for women to meet the present day context of our collective journey as women change agents who have a difference to make in the world.

If you feel called to re-align yourself and your life towards making your unique contribution and realising your potential as a feminine leader and change agent, then please join me for this free Teleseminar.

The live teleseminar dates are now concluded but you can still receive access to the replay by registering on this page.

I look forward to being with you virtually!

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PS. Wherever you are on your journey of transformation, please feel free to join me as you’ll have a chance to receive the gems of your own insight and wisdom to guide you on your next steps. Remember if you can’t make all the calls live and want to listen to the recordings afterwards you still need to register here first. If you think this would benefit other women you know, please feel free to spread the word by sharing this page with your friends and colleagues. Thank you!